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Shore Dispatch editorial team covers the breaking news, political news, and general news stories. We bring the reader the latest news from Virginia to Atlantic City and all points in between.

We launched Shore Dispatch .com, an independent local news and information platform, to provide local daily news. Our readers are provided with current traffic alerts, crime news, community news, weather, breaking news, and local events via our website and social media platforms.

Our readers receive most of their news from out of state television stations, one main newspaper, a small news stations, several radio stations or one of the few local newspapers scattered across the area. That has changed over the last few years. Today many residents have started to receive news via social media, websites, streaming video, and other Internet-based technologies.

Shore Dispatch uses our social networks to provide news to the reader where they are. By providing relevant content to the reader fast, and first, Shore Dispatch has become a trusted source for our readers.

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Editorial staff is available 24/7 at desk@shoredispatch.com

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Staff writers cover police and fire news as well as Life, Politics, and Entertainment. Writers can be contacted at desk@ desk@shoredispatch.com